It was last weekend but I couldn’t write anything about it until now because I had dentist’s appointment in Jeppis and my laptop was in Vaasa. Two different cities for those who didn’t know. (You people might now Vaasa but I bet you don’t know Jeppis. hoho. It’s so small and Swedish-speaking.)

Anyways. Desucon was great! I actually couldn’t afford it but luckily my friend Anni got me a job at the sleeping bag accommodation so I got a badge that allowed me to get to the con building without a ticket and granted me access to the greenroom (a special space  for the staff only) where there was free food! The same friend also was kind enough to take me, Mirka, Memo and Tove under her wing and let us crash at her place. We had the best of times! I even have a photo of Mirka and Tove sleeping. I took it because they were the only ones sleeping like angels when I left for my morning shift on Saturday.

Here’s a brief account for each of the days:


Friday was actually pretty low in con-time for me. I left with the train that left Vaasa at 2:20PM and I pretty much spent the voyage reading A Dance with Dragons which I decided to buy on my way to the station by sacrificing half of the money I had reserved for food. I got to Lahti around 5PM where I was pretty lost for a while and somehow had complete strangers offer me a lift to the convention centre. There I hunted down Anni for my bandge and we then proceeded to hang out in the greenroom until it was time for my first shift of the convention. It was a very enjoyable shift since I shared it with a very laid-back and humorous stormtrooper, Juho.


On Saturday I woke up around 5.30AM because my morning shift at the sleeping bag accommodation started at 7AM. It was a rather hectic 3 and half hour shift with me and my colleagues, two really nice guys, having to wake up sleepers, make sure the sleeping areas were emptied of people until 9.30AM, cleaning and even having to deal with an emergency situation. After the shift I helped Anni carry some stuff back to her place and then changed into my Jack Harkness cosplay before proceeding to the convention centre. There I tracked down my good friend Miiro who had been kind enough to bring me my RAF-coat that I had forgotten home when packing for the convention. I can’t remember anything in chronological order but I hung out mainly with Mirka, Tove, Anni and Memo, and more briefly with Jojo and rest of the awesome Sherlockians (whose tumblrs I am too lazy to find now. Forgive me. You still know who you are since you were there). I also finally got to hang out with my lovely hobo-wife Nina again, although it was far too brief for my liking, and we exchanged our late Christmas presents. She gave me such awesome things, I’m telling you. ( I might make a post with more details of them later.) Then I had to leave for my final shift of the weekend which was rather uneventful and I spent it reading DwD (or rather tried. I had to fight in order not to doze off.) At 7PM I was finally free and I made my way to the convention centre where I luckily caught Nina in the lobby when she was leaving and we exchanged a few words. Tove, Memo and Mirka weren’t at the convention centre anymore so I got myself a coffee from the greenroom and started walking around the convention because that’s something I have to do at least once in a convention. I then ran into my lovely band of Sherlockians again who invited me to hang out with them to which I happily obliged because they’re awesome and they always show me so much love. We later ended up talking to two really good Supernatural cosplayers (the Dean had actually been looking for me at the convention because I was cosplaying Jack which was flattering) and somehow the lot of us ended up hanging out close to the convention centre entrance. Mirka turned up at the convention again and later she and I ended up going to Hesburger with the Sherlockians which was awesome. (DON’T TRUST MAYONNAISE!) Me and Mirka got back to Anni’s place around midnight.
I also met briefly with other people who I knew from previous conventions. Special points go to Detrah and Berneri who always tried to seek me out and greeted me loudly. 

I also finally got to meet Wolf. We chatted only briefly but it was still awesome because I’ve wanted to meet him ever since I started reading his comic blog! :D


Sunday was a very short day for me. Tove and Memo had already left earlier but I stayed behind with Mirka and we arrived at Desucon around 11.30PM. We had a very pleasant conversation about clothes and strong women during our walk to the convention centre.
I did hang out with the Sherlockians but I spent most of the Sunday hanging out with Nina because she is a perfect human being and with her studying in Wales I get to hang out with her very little so every possible minute in her company is precious and not to be wasted!

I was almost late for the train and the the hour before my grand exit was very hectic since I almost paniced and was in a terrible hurry. Luckily Jojo, my saviour angel from seventh heaven, was awesome enough to drive me to Anni’s place and then to the station which is a deed, I will forever be in her debt for.

All in all, Desucon was awesome and I miss all you lovelies, you know who you are, and I hope to see you guys again in near future!

Mikael loves you all very very much!


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